Day 10

“I have met a lot of hardboiled eggs in my time, but you’re twenty minutes.” Oscar Wilde

I started my day with two glasses of water on an empty stomach then had my cup of coffee (1 tsp of Nescafe, 3 tsp of fat free coffee mate, 2 tsp of sugar) followed by a glass of skimmed milk with 2 bran toasts, a teaspoon of low fat labneh(sprinkled with thyme&sesame) and one boiled egg!

For lunch I had Tabbouleh, 3 tbsp of baba ghannouj (grilled aubergines mixed with tehini and lemon juice) and 120g of home-made shawarma (thinly sliced meat with coriander, garlic and diced tomatoes).

As an afternoon snack I enjoyed eating Casper&Gambini’s fruit salad with a scoop of strawberry sorbet!

HH loved the idea and promised to have it as a snack tomorrow! What about you ?

“Salad is for a meal what fish is for a seal.” Dietitian Nicole Maftoum

The word “salad” originated from salt, and began with the early Romans salting their leafy greens and vegetables. One of the simplest and healthiest health habits that anyone can commit to, is to begin each meal (lunch and dinner) with a salad. It provides enough fiber, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fills up the stomach, leaving a little space for the main course. The ideal portioning of the plate should always be: 50% salad, 25% Carbohydrates and 25% Proteins.

I went to ATCL, late in the afternoon to watch the sunset and catchup with RG and SAB (thanks RG for this brilliant idea 🙂 ). I decided to order my favorite salad on the terrasse which is the crab salad!  I enjoyed and shared a large plate filled with lettuce, tomatoes, fresh mushrooms, crab chunks, 4 slices of avocado and 5 croutons and grated with 35 g of parmesan cheese! The dressing that comes along with this salad is a Ceasar dressing’ Thus, I ordered a balsamic dressing on the side that I poured on top of my salad and just took 2 tbsp of the Ceasar dressing!

Insufficient lighting after the sunset!

Dietitian Nicole Maftoum

4 thoughts on “Day 10

  1. Amazing Blog!! La premiere dietiticienne a joindre le healthy a l’agreable 😉
    Keep up with those NUCCILICIOUS ideas 😀

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