Chosing the right ice cream stick

I had a cup of coffee (1 tsp nescafe, 2 tsp coffee mate, 2 tsp sugar) before leaving faqra.As soon as I arrived to Jounieh (ATCL) my friends and I were craving for an Ice cream. As we had to walk around and exercise a bit, we didn’t have much time to sit and enjoy a sorbet with some other pastries. Thus, each lady picked a pack of Walls Ice cream thinking she had made the healthiest option..

And eventually, faced with summer’s approach day after day, the pack of Solero exotic was purchased!Each stick contains 99 Calories! Compared to other sticks that have at least 260 Calories!Twister sticks are also a good option! They’ll be hosted in here, on another shiny day 🙂

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