Fiona’s restaurant

I had lunch at Fiona’s that’s one of my favorite Italian restaurants, located in the heart of Beirut (Saifi) and that serves fresh and luscious Italian dishes!

I couldn’t resist the basket of bread with the  fresh tomatoes and basil salsa and enjoyed eating one!

I started with 3 tbsp of rocket salad with fresh mushrooms, parmigiano, cherry tomatoes with balsamic vinegar and olive oil…

Then I had 2 endives with gorgonzola dressing and ate them with two slices of salmon ..

In fact, sharing is caring! And a great trick to avoid overeating when eating out is to share the ordered foods with everyone else on the table!

I had a tbsp of cooked eggplants with cheese and tomato sauce , and two tablespoon from each of the following dishes:

Gnocchi pesto, that is my favorite!

Succulent pasta with truffles!

Penne Ala vodka!

Tagliatelle al salmone!

Kindly note again that i didn’t eat all those dishes!! I just had two tbsp from each one!!

I also tasted the smallest piece of steak with gorgonzola sauce from this dish !

Desert wasn’t optional! I couldn’t leave Fiona’s without having half of the scrumptious cheesecake and a tablespoon of tiramissu!

Five hours after my lunch i hit the gym and had for dinner a big green apple!

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