Breakfast at Nakha

Just like every morning, i started my day with two glasses of water on an empty stomach then had my cup of coffee (1 tsp of Nescafe, 3 tsp of fat free coffee mate, 2 tsp of sugar).I decided to pay a visit to AC at Nakha and have breakfast there! Lost in front of succulent cheese, zaatara, kechek, and other pies I ended up opting for the lightest choice that consisted of two pieces of light melted  Hallomi cheese with vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers,mint), 3 olives  and 20 g of bread…

It is true that grilling halloumi cheese doesn’t require much skills in the kitchen however what counts is the taste and freshness of the cheese that were highly remarkable at Nakha that selects the best ingredients to please your palate!

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