Alicia’s wedding-Cat&Mouth catering

Congratulations to the lovely bride Alicia and her winsome husband Ghassan! I was gleefully enchanted to be part of a memorable ceremony in an ideal location (Sursock palace Ashrafieh) with an outstanding setting, a spectacular decoration a peachy atmosphere and most importantly a pleasingly rich and luscious dinner catered by Cat&Mouth…

Generally speaking, during weddings, one’s attention is usually focused on the decoration and atmosphere since the dining experience expectations are moderate to low… Notwithstanding, I couldn’t avoid focusing on the food and had no critics at all! Thumbs up Cat&Mouth!

Starting with the welcome drink, i had a lychee-raspberry rose cocktail with carrots, cucumbers, a few vegetable chips and 3 thyme rolls!

The dinner consisted of the following:

Finely crusted warm goat cheese with sun-dried tomatoes and pine nuts

Al dente asparagus with a trio of avocado shrimps, salmon tartar and hamour beetroots mix! A succulent trio!

Although i’m not a big fan of meat, i had two pieces all along with carrots and green beans!

From a large extended array of succulent deserts i went for the fruitful choice and customized my favorite desert  that’s a coulis of red fruits with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and biscuits (supposedly biscuit crumbles)….

That’s what i’d call occasional eating 😉 Those who follow my blog can tell that I  don’t eat that much every night… It happens to indulge from times to times specially on a occasions like best friends’s weddings 😉 Cheers again to the happy couple!

Dietitian Nicole Maftoum

2 thoughts on “Alicia’s wedding-Cat&Mouth catering

  1. Interesting website; this is my first visit but definitely not my last. Thank you for the table picture and I’ll be following you up . Good luck

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