At the pool

I had lunch at ATCL as I was tanning and swimming and I chose from the menu a green salad with lemon mustard dressing all along with two grilled chicken skewers …

There are certain types of foods that your swimming suit hates such as:

-Ceasar salad: this salad has too much salt and fat resulting from the cheese, the fried croutons and the dressing! The excessive amount of salt will cause water retention that will result in a bloated tummy on the beach.

-Potato salad: erroneously called salad, this starchy mixture of potatoes and mayonnaise is nothing but a simple way to increase your caloric intake in one shot and to cause bloating!

-Cruciferous such as broccoli, celery, cauliflower dipped in cocktail sauce should also be avoided! They contain a sugar called Raffinose that the body cannot digest, and that directly goes to the stomach where the bacteria eat it and their only way of thanking you for it  is to give off gas and bloat your tummy!

-Fast food: fried foods, fattening gravies high in salt should also be avoided before going to the beach!

-Japanese Sushi: is a definite no! The rice in your maki will make you feel thirsty and while you’ll be drinking water, the rice in your stomach will absorb it and leave you with a very cute bloated tummy! And don’t  forget the high amount of sodium in the soy sauce that will also increase the water retention!

I drank a glass of tomato juice as it is my favorite and least caloric drink when compared to other fruit juices!

A few hours later after a long swim, i had half a big slice of watermelon …


Dietitian Nicole Maftoum

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