At the Beach

Under the sun rays we often tend to get dehydrated due to the extreme sweating that engages a great water loss.We often tend replenish this loss with fruit juices, cocktails, alcoholic beverages that are high in calories and end up piling more than 500 calories per day when they are drank unconsciously. Water is often forgotten although the fact that it is the best remedy and the greatest thirst quencher. Many people tend to eat when they’re thirsty which is a bigger problem than piling up all those calories provided by the worst summer drinks (alcoholic cocktails, fruit juices, beers, etc.).

Always remember that Water is the only calorie free item ever found. You must drink at least 8 glasses of water per day.And Tomato Juice can be a safe a sound solution to your drinking habit, especially when it’s served  with lime, salt and Worcestershire sauce.It won’t only refresh you but studies suggested that 2/3 cups per day of this luscious mixture will help reduce prostate cancer and increase HDL levels in your body!

I had a glass of tomato juice all along with half a handful of peanuts and  carrots!

I also had a big slice of  watermelon with 3 slices of grilled halloumi cheese!

Dietitian Nicole Maftoum


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