Joslin’s wedding- Terrayoun

Congratulations to the lovely bride Joslin and her winsome husband Matthew! I was gleefully enchanted to be part of their memorable ceremony in a pure and relaxing atmosphere on top of the hills of 3youn above the village of Baskinta … The setting was outstanding and the dinner was pleasingly rich and flavorful set and prepared by my lovely cousin Bethany, the natural foodie!

Eating natural and organic food at a wedding is a unique experience especially when the menu is inspired from authentic Lebanese dishes…

I couldn’t resist the appealing buffet and had to taste a bit of everything starting with the fattouche salad, hummus, shanklich, extremely delicious frikeh with its yogurt dressing, fresh labneh and a grilled chicken skewer with a small piece of lamb with its gravy!


The wedding cake was an outside the box cake and couldn’t be compared to the usual wedding cakes with tons of cream and sugar icing on the contrary it was made of cheese with an organic cherries puree…I enjoyed eating a piece and it was a true delicacy ! Thumbs up Bethany!

That’s what i’d call occasional eating ;) Those who follow my blog can tell that I  don’t eat that much every night… It happens to indulge from times to times specially on a occasions like weddings ;) Cheers again to the happy couple!

Dietitian Nicole Maftoum


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