Oats ..

Good Morning Quaker!

I believe that You memorized the first thing i do when i wake up every morning! And to all of you out there who acquired this habit of drinking two glasses of water on an empty stomach, good job!

The glass of milk is my second crucial morning drink! Skimmed always sounds better and holds the same promises!According to studies, a glass of milk in the morning would help increase satiety and thus decreases the caloric intake by 9% at the next meal.

Whether you’re in a hurry at home or at the office, whether you suffer from high cholesterol levels, constipation, cardiovascular diseases, celiac disease or simply feel like having a healthy yet fulfilling breakfast, a bowl of quaker oats is all what you need!

Besides being a good source of high quality plant-based protein, vitamin E, copper, selenium, magnesium and other essential minerals,oats are fully packed with fiber that’s been shown to reduce cholesterol levels (LDL) and stabilize blood sugar.

Simply stir in the contents of one sachet of oats in a bowl filled with hot milk stir until milk is absorbed!

This breakfast provides around 200 calories!

I started my lunch with a salad made of lettuce, green thyme, mint, yellow peppers, tomatoes, green onions with sumac, pomegranate molasses and lemon juice!

Then i had a bowl of chicken soup with broccoli, zucchini and mushrooms.

As an afternoon snack, i had 3 portions of fruits consisting of two figs, two dates, half a peach and half a pear!

As for dinner i had wraps made of iceberg lettuce, 1 tbsp labneh light and two slices of turkey! A very quick, easy, tasty, low fat, low calorie dinner!

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