Back on track !

How many times have you been lost in front of a buffet breakfast and wished to focus on one to two items but ended up picking every single displayed food item ??

If your answer is “every time” then you might be lucky to fall on this section that’s gonna help you become wiser when it comes to breakfast hotel selection!

You must start your day with two glasses of water on an empty stomach then have a glass of fresh milk! All those tempting fresh fruit juices can be skipped and left for the rest of the day! Knowing that each half a cup of fresh fruits juice equals a portion of fruits would definitely make you think twice before drinking that whole jar of freshly squeezed orange juice!

Coffee! That black drink that improves alertness must be drank in moderation (up to 2 -3 cups maximum per day)!Nor excess neither abstinence ever rendered a coffee drinker happy!

And here comes the most confusing part!! Croissant or eggs ? Cereals or viennoiseries? Sausages or turkey or ? or ? or ?


I opted for 2 tbsp of scrambled eggs since eggs present us with many health benefits and are extremely satiating.In fact studies have shown that those who have eggs for breakfast have a decreased appetite throughout the next 36hours!

I tried to increase my calcium intake by including yogurt and an ounce of cheese since calcium assists fat burning!

And last but not least, i added a mini slice of Jamon Iberico for the simple reason that i really like its taste!

Three hours after having my breakfast i snacked on two portions of fresh fruits! Snacking is one of the most important things one should do in order to keep his metabolism revved up and to feel satiated throughout the day! This would definitely help in weight management!


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