~But sushi isn’t fattening…No?!!

It all depends on the way you’re eating it!

Let’s take for example person A and person B who decide to have sushi for dinner!

Person A orders 22 maki rolls with 5 salmon sashimi and 5 tuna sashimi.

Person B suggests edamame to share and orders, a salmon tartare, 6 maki rolls and 10 tuna sashimi.

At the end of this dinner who would have ingested more calories ? And who would have benefited more from the healthful nutrients of this dinner ?

Think about it and leave your comment below since your opinion counts!


Maki Rolls!



4 thoughts on “~But sushi isn’t fattening…No?!!

  1. Well roughly person A had 1150 calories and person B roughly 860 … sorry for the geeky answer 😀

    Bottom line, know what you’re eating when you go for Sushi, Thank you Nucci !!

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