~*Boiled, Poached or Scrambled ?!

Which came first the chicken or the egg ?

You gotta tell me!! Leave your answer below!


The perfect hard-boiled egg: requires to be pierced on top with a needle in order to perforate the air cell and to avoid the shell to break upon boiling.The boiling water should either contain coarse salt or a drop of white vinegar to help the egg white cook faster so that it doesn’t come out of the egg.

Each boiled egg has in total 75 calories! 60 calories are provided from the yolk and 15 calories from the white!

All along with two brown toasts it could form a great breakfast that can be eaten twice per week (in case where you don’t have high cholesterol levels) or once per week in case where you suffer from hypercholesterolemia.

Did You Know ?

“In the German territories, people used to smear their hoes with eggs, with the hope of bringing them back to life.”

Poach me!

Another simple yet healthy way of preparing eggs  consists of poaching them or cooking them in water with coarse salt or white vinegar  just to the point where the white is no longer runny and the yolk begins to harden around the edges.

(Place water and coarse salt in a pan and simmer)

(Crack the eggs and place them in the boiling water)

(Serve on a dish with half a teaspoon of olive oil and sumac)

(serve with two brown toasts)

(This breakfast has around 320 calories and is highly nutritious, consistent and fulfilling when compared to other breakfasts such as croissant, donuts, muffins and others that are highly caloric with little or no nutrients)!

Did You Know ?

In many Chinese and Asian tribes, the eggs were used to predict the future.The first technique consisted of painting the eggs, boiling them and then reading the patterns in their cracks and the second one was known as Oomancy and consisted of dropping the egg whites in hot water and to base divination on shapes assumed by the rapidly cooked egg whites.

Scramble me!

No butter, nor oil are involved in this pan and the secret to prevent eggs from sticking while cooking is to dice a tomato and place it first in the pan!

(Whisk two whole eggs and two egg whites and place the mixture on top of the tomatoes)

(Add two slices of turkey)

(let it cook for 4 minutes and serve with a tbsp of labneh light and cucumbers!)

Did You Know ?

In France, during the 17th century, the bride used to break an egg when she first enters her new home as a ritual to keep her house alive and to be able to give birth to lots of new souls.

Now, how do you like it ?Boiled, poached or scrambled ??

Dietitian Nicole Maftoum

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