And… We’re back!

And we’re back to the two glasses of water on an empty stomach and the cup of coffee that almost everyone already knows how it is usually prepared!My breakfast is my most essential meal of the day!If i ever skip it, i end up eating twice during the day (something that breakfast skippers are not always aware of)!

Among all the possible options that i can have for breakfast, i always end up choosing cereals and milk! The perfect partners!

A glass of soy milk ensures 300g of calcium in addition to other essential nutrients and the 30g of Bran flakes give enough energy and fiber that  help me feel full for a longer period of time!

Two hours later i enjoyed eating two kiwis!

I started my lunch with a salad made of lettuce, shredded carrots, red kidney beans and a light Mexican sauce then

had 150g of grilled fish with grilled vegetables !


As an afternoon snack, I had 14 pieces of walnuts!

As for dinner i had two bran toasts with 30 g of Camembert and two slices of parma ham!

Dietitian Nicole Maftoum



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