~*Too many fish in the sea ..

Which came first the chicken or the egg ?

You gotta tell me!! Leave your answer below!


The perfect hard-boiled egg: requires to be pierced on top with a needle in order to perforate the air cell and to avoid the shell to break upon boiling.The boiling water should either contain coarse salt or a drop of white vinegar to help the egg white cook faster so that it doesn’t come out of the egg.

Each boiled egg has in total 75 calories! 60 calories are provided from the yolk and 15 calories from the white!

All along with two brown toasts it could form a great breakfast that can be eaten twice per week (in case where you don’t have high cholesterol levels) or once per week in case where you suffer from hypercholesterolemia.

Did You Know ?

“In the German territories, people used to smear their hoes with eggs, with the hope of bringing them back to life.”

I had a big red apple two hours later…

I started my lunch with a green salad with lemon juice and tbsp of olive oil then had 150g of grilled fish

and 5 large shrimps cooked in white wine with onions ..

As an afternoon snack i had 30g of dark chocolate …

I had for dinner 30 g of brown Arabic bread, 45 g of feta cheese sprinkled with oregano and a cucumber!


Dietitian Nicole Maftoum

Mansourieh / Ashrafieh
(961) 70- 63 55 40

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