Just like every day, i started my day with two glasses of water on an empty stomach then had my cup of coffee (1 tsp of Nescafe, 3 tsp of fat free coffee mate, 2 tsp of sugar) followed by 30g of fruit’n fiber with a glass of skimmed milk!

My first snack consisted of a red apple’

I had  for lunch sushi and started with 20 edamame

Followed by salmon tartar as an appetizer

6 Salmon sashimi from the sashimi platter that i shared with FM’

With 6 Maki rolls ( Philly salmon, spicy salmon, cucumber rolls)

As an afternoon snack, i had a bowl of fresh fruits salad!

I also had a small plate of eggplant with tomato sauce!

Eggplant is an excellent source of dietary fiber and a very good source of vitamins B1, B6 and potassium.

Potassium in eggplants brings a balance in salt intake and maintains a nice level of hydration. It also plays a role in regulating blood pressure.

Nasunin is a potent antioxidant found in eggplants.It has an inhibitory effect on the growth of some cancer cells.

Eggplant lowers cholesterol levels in the bloodstream and are, the most natural way of controlling diabetes by replacing bread and pasta!

Dietitian Nicole Maftoum


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