~Maki koussa

I started my day with two glasses of water on an empty stomach then had my cup of coffee followed by my breakfast!

2 brown toast with 30g of feta cheese and cucumbers all along with a glass of skimmed milk!

Two hours later i had my first snack made of two kiwi fruits!

I started my lunch with a basic salad made of lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers with a light balsamic dressing.

There was stuffed zucchinis with rice and meat. I have noticed that most of the people fall in the trap of overeating stuffed zucchinis to feel satiated.And the trick here isn’t only to start with a salad but to also, to grill sliced zucchinis, tomatoes and onions and sprinkle them with salt and oregano. Together with the salad at the beginning they would fill up your stomach and leave little space for stuffed ones! I only had two stuffed zucchinis!


Small details make a very big difference in life! I am not a big fan of stuffed zucchinis or Koussa mehchi and thus by simply thinking outside the Lebanese box i came up with the idea of presenting the two zucchinis in the same way i’d present maki rolls; with pickled ginger and light soy sauce!



As an afternoon snack, i had 30g of dark chocolate thins from the box below!

I had for dinner a salad made of cooked spinach leaves with diced red peppers lemon juice and a tablespoon of olive oil!


Dietitian Nicole Maftoum

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