~*Pop in your favorite music and let your treadmill roll …

When the pop group Abba sang in the late 70’s “Thank you for the music”, the studies showing the benefits of listening to music weren’t completed yet…

Today, you will be singing “Thank you for the music” for increasing the positive effects of your commitment to exercise, serving as a distraction from the pain and discomfort of your workout, enhancing your feelings of pleasure and making you burn calories faster!
Now that you’ve renewed your subscription at the gym, you still have to do one simple change; select the best music that’s playing while you work out and make sure to use the proper headphones rather than earphones!

The best music mustn’t be high-energy, fast-paced dance music, as many workout trainers have assumed. It should depend on the taste of the exerciser.
In a study headed by a sports psychologist, 15 students had to do four workouts on exercise bikes. The first one was done with no music, the second to slow music, the third to fast music, and the last to music that they picked out themselves. In every single case, the students worked harder, longer and faster when they were listening to their favorite music. The results on all the other tracks were mixed, but when students were listening to their own choice of music, they pedaled faster and harder, and worked out longer than with any of the other three selections of music.

Here’s my suggestive selection of different styles of music that you could enjoy and benefit from while exercising and helping you burn more calories happily!

Global Underground refers to a series of electronic music compilation albums which reflect the performances of high profile DJ’s in venues from around the world. The music featured is mostly progressive house, but there are some house, trance, and break-beat releases. It is highly recommended to be listened to while running on the treadmill.

La voile Rouge refers to a series of electronic music compilations that you would want to hear on a Saturday afternoon on a St. Tropez beach. Whether you’re jogging or simply walking on the treadmill or pedaling on the humble exercise bike, tune on any voile rouge album.

Saint-Germain-des-Prés café series is a showcase of current jazz flavors fusing together elements of electro-jazz, nu-jazz and whatever buzz words are flying around for the music at this time.If you’re in the mood of chilling while lifting weights or working on the elliptical cross trainer, listen to Saint-Germain-des-Prés café.

Terry’s café deep, sexy, and packing plenty of funk, Terry’s Café, has all the qualities of a great workout in an underground gym! Truly energizing but also laid back, that´s the musical formula that makes the Terry´s Café series ideal for your workout.

Celia Cruz will take you away on an exotic island with its Latin music remixes. “La vida es un Carnaval” (from the album Exitos Eterno),is a song that will strongly motivate you and force you to continue your workout even if you’ll be exhausted and sweating like a pig!

Desyn Masiello has something quite seductive in his style, something that almost makes his music exclusively suited not only to the club atmosphere but also to your harsh workout sessions. While you can certainly group this into the large spectrum known as progressive house, there isn’t a single house CD that is going to move you as Desyn Masiello’s ones. Full of funky, infectious beats, with basslines and disco melodies to keep any gym floor in a frenzy!

Dietitian Nicole Maftoum

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