~*Egg-ceptional Easter

Eggs came to life before human beings did and they first started being incorporated in different recipes with the Chinese populations and the ancient Egyptians and Romans, that upon several trials have discovered the main function of an egg stated as an emulsifier or a binding agent. Throughout centuries, eggs held different symbolization and connotations before they gained their place in your plate!

In ancient times, an egg was mainly compared to the sun and since the sun has always been compared to a source of life, the egg has been associated to both, birth and fertility. This is the reason for which, Christianity, used eggs during Easter, as a symbol of re-birth that connotes the Christ’s resurrection.Specially that, during the strict lenten fast of forty days no eggs were eaten!

This year, unlike others, you will be able to consume Easter eggs without diving into excessive guilt trips and while trying those “outside the box” egg whites fillings that I’ve specially and carefully created  for you!

Don’t forget to remove the yolk that contains most of the calories (60 calories) in an egg and all the amount of fats and cholesterol! And always remember that Egg whites are fat free and contain most of the proteins!

Egg whites filled with labneh light, green onions and walnuts:

Egg whites filled with tuna in water, soy sauce light and pickled ginger: (Great source of proteins)

Egg whites filled with chickpeas, Mexican salsa sauce and green onions: (Great source of proteins)

Egg whites filled with turkey slices, low fat cheddar cheese and pesto sauce:

Try those recipes and offer them to your guests during this festive week instead of offering them the traditional maamoul (Lebanese Easter cookies) that’s fully loaded with calories, fats, saturated fats and sugar …If you compare an egg to a maamoule you’d realize how many calories you’d be saving if you opt for eggs instead of choosing maamoul that may contain 120, 140, 180, 200 or even 300 calories depending on the size of the maamoule and its filling!

In case where you insist on trying one, always go for the one that’s filled with walnuts! At least you’d be benefiting from its richness in Omega-3!

Happy Easter’

Dietitian Nicole Maftoum

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