~*Caramelized something …

Just like every morning i started my day with the two glasses of water (that by the way have helped many followers and Facebook friends acquire this healthy habit! I’m glad that these two glasses of water have contributed to Your overall good health 🙂 ).

Then, i had a glass of skimmed milk and two boiled eggs with two brown toasts!

Two hours later i had two kiwi fruits.

I started my lunch with a heavenly luscious salad made of lightly caramelized onions and apples, a bed of rocket leaves, 5 walnuts and 20g of goat cheese! As a dressing i moderately used the glazed balsamic vinegar that’s one of my favorite! Although it is a type of vinegar one should be aware of its sugar content and thus enjoy it in moderation!

Then i had a piece of eggplant lasagna! The smartest way of substituting lasagna sheets with grilled eggplants and using a tomato based sauce with onions and red peppers and topping it with 20g of low fat cheese!

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