~*Sardines, the poor man’s steak …

They die instantly when pulled out of the water … As cheap as rice, they have always been considered the food for the poor… They were the first fish to be canned by Napoleon Bonaparte and gained popularity by feeding many citizens… And, though they are really small in size, they give very big results when consumed frequently! They were named after the Italian Island Sardinia, where large numbers of these fish were once found…

Rich in Omega-3: one of the most concentrated sources.One can may contain over 50% of the daily value of omega-3 that helps decrease triglyceride and bad cholesterol levels. Lowers blood pressure, feeds the brain and fights depression.


Vitamin D: plays an essential role in bone health since it helps to increase the absorption of calcium.

Vitamin B12: prevents cardiovascular diseases.


Co-enzyme Q10: needed for energy production.Diets with high levels of co-enzyme Q10 have been found twice as effective in weight loss when compared to diets that lacked co-enzyme Q10.

“These small fish at the bottom of the food chain are not as likely to contain concentrated amounts of contaminants such as mercury”.




The Lunch Wrap:

2h00 p.m, rush hour : a healthy wrap seems real and interesting; With enough variety in colour and texture to give your mouth and mind something to chew over.

Go green with lettuce, argula leaves ,mash ,spinach with some fresh basil leaves and mint.Add to it something wild and rich in omega-3 fatty acids ,such as a can of sardines. And,oh yea,the green health bomb should definitely dive in your wrap and be used as the “healthy spread” replacing mayo and any other fatty ones; 15 g of avocado would deliver the essential monounsaturated fats that would help lower bad cholesterol and might help lessen abdominal fat… A medium sized wrap (30g to 40g) rolled and Bon Appetit!

Dietitian Nicole Maftoum


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