~*Healthy Holiday Salmon bites…

During this festive season, weight gain seems inevitable with the excessive outings, dinners and lunches where calorie saving is definitely not the name of the game! In reality, i thought about suggesting some lighter versions of items you got used to eating during this period, so that you could be enjoying each bite with less guilt!

Smoked salmon

IMG_3971Smoked salmon is one of the inevitable items although when compared to fresh salmon it doesn’t score higher, on the contrary it loses many of the nutritional value (omega-3, calcium, etc.) and packs more fat as it undergoes the process of smoking.

100g of smoked salmon contains 152 Calories.

Therefore consuming it in moderation is the best key to your “Happy holidays”…

Ditch the bread and replace it with slices of boiled potatoes. Top each slice with 5 g of goat cheese and a 15 g of smoked salmon all along with diced onions and capers!

Potatoes are rich in vitamin C, vitamin B6, iron, copper and contain a compound (Kukoamine) that lowers blood pressure when consumed regularly.

Smoked salmon holiday bites


Dietitian Nicole Maftoum

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