~*When in Mykonos … Eat Like Nicole!

Summer 2013… While the Lebanese territories are still experiencing a high number of Syrian refugees, a good percentage of the Lebanese population escaped, 622.5 miles away from Beirut to an Island particularly renowned for its cosmopolitan nightlife; unusual beaches and exquisite cuisine!

Mykonos; a soon to be acclaimed new Lebanese governorate (Mohafazat)!



The island spans an area of 85.5 km2 (33 sq mi) and rises to an elevation of 341 m (1,119 ft) at its highest point. It is situated 150 km east of Athens in the Aegean Sea. The island features no rivers, but numerous seasonal streams two of which have been converted into reservoirs.

Going back to my concern which is Food, and knowing that the Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest diets around the world, I can simply say that the food experience in Greece is unique!

Etymologically did you know that the word Gastronomy is derived from the ancient Greek Gastros and Nomos which means stomach and knowledge ?Thus, Greeks didn’t only create a strong relationship between food and culture but they also imposed enough respect to the exquisite quality and simplicity of traditional ingredients that they transform into nourishing luscious dishes…

During my stay in Mykonos, my breakfast consisted most of the times of Greek yogurt, bran flakes and fruits …


While roaming in the city, stepping into Greek bakeries was inevitable…

Amongst the must tries are the following: whole grain cereal bars with dried fruits, spinach pie and brown pretzel filled with cheese and turkey!



Upon arrival the must see in the town are Little Venice and the Windmills.
I had lunch at Allegro Restaurant, one of the small restaurant by the sea in Little Venice. I started my lunch with a Greek Salad, then shared tzatziki(a cucumber, solidified yogurt dip with dill and garlic) , taramossalata (fish-roe dip), Moussaka (layers of eggplant or zucchini, minced meat and potatoes topped with cheese sauce and baked) and Grilled calamari with split-pea!


Greek ingredients, including the health-giving olive oil and herbs (many of them used by Hippocrates, the father of medicine), can be found in most of the menus of the restaurants on this island! In addition to the olives and feta cheese that must be consumed in moderation!


Hospitality, generosity and courtesy define a Greek concept known as “Xenia” which is an obligation to be hospitable to travelers and guests and the Greek God Zeus was often referred to “Zeus Xenios”!

At night I had dinner at Interni, a restaurant with the most beautiful garden and impressive detailed decoration.


I ordered a delicious lobster salad with a glass of white wine!


After Dinner, we went to Astra Bar, Rock’n Roll bar and Guzel bar.All bars are pretty cool but one thing is for sure: You gotta end up your night at Guzel!

As far as beaches are concerned, I will start with my all time favorite one: Nammos beach! It is the most magical and mesmerizing beach that i’ve ever been to; the food is excellent, the cocktails are unique and the music is extraordinary!In the after noon the music in the restaurant gets very loud turning it to an afternoon party .

(Try to reserve sunbeds in advance)


I started my lunch with a shrimp salad and shared sweet cheese rolls, grilled calamari and seafood pasta! A true delicacy!



You will always be offered a shot after eating! Drink it and keep it with you as a souvenir from Nammos!Namos beach mastica shots

I personally recommend that you try the fresh red fruits Mojito if you wish to order a cocktail!

photo-127You can also go to Paraga beach and Tropicana beach.I Had lunch at Kalua on the stunning Paraga beach!

I ordered a seafood salad with taramossalata and tzatziki.


Dinner at night was at Caprice Sea Satin’ that’s located right under the famous Mykonos windmills and where the last scene of the movie “Bourne Identity” was filmed.It was perhaps one of the best nights we had. This restaurant represents the real meaning of «kefi» and «glendi»: two Greek words for «having fun!».

The food is succulent, the atmosphere is vibrant with people dancing on the tables to traditional Greek songs… You can simply smell, taste, listen, see, touch and feel the Greek way of an authentic party there!

999567_10151589778398212_1234213832_nI shared for dinner: Greek salad, tzatziki, mussels in white wine, grilled calamari filled with feta cheese and grilled jumbo shrimps!


Sea Satin

Unhealthy but inevitable chicken souvlaki for lunch at Jimmy’s located in the heart of the Chora.




Fish lovers, you wouldn’t want to miss lunch at Nikos Tavern located in the center of the town.



And Mamalouka restaurant with its beautiful garden for dinner where I shared some Greek appetizers and enjoyed a dish of grilled calamari with vegetables!


Greek cuisine reflects a number of interesting influences–it contains Levantine, Turkish, Italian and Balkan flavors, which indicate its long history.

 I will always crave for the combination of these three dishes: Greek salad, tzatziki and taramossalata … Symbol of the Greek cuisine!
Greek salad, taramossalata and tzatziki

When You take a trip does your diet go on vacation too ?

I simply squeezed the most out of this trip, enjoyed food in all its forms in moderation, walked a lot, danced a lot and came back with lots of great memories from this island!

As William Shakespeare had highlighted it one day: “If you spend the entire year on vacation, having fun would be as exhausting as going to work”…

Enjoy Mykonos as long as it lasts …

GirlsDietitian Nicole Maftoum

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