~*The history of the sandwich …


From my school memories I always remember three things: my mathematics teachers, the fun side of learning and the never changing taste of my cheese sandwich… 10 Years later I realized that, although too few people understand a really good sandwich, preparing healthy and innovative ones isn’t impossible!

The history of the sandwich

Food historians acknowledge the fact that and attribute the creation of the sandwich to John Montagu, an Englishman, fond of gambling.In 1762 during a 24 hours gambling game, Montagu instructed his cook to prepare food that would be easily eaten without interfering with his game.Hence, the cook prepared two pieces of toast and inserted slices of meat between them… Since that day, the concept of the sandwich was born and started being integrated in several societies and classes of people to end up reaching all the nations. Today, November 3rd is considered the sandwich day which is in reality the birthdate of John Montagu.

The Bread

More than 50 varieties of bread exist around the world.We often wonder which types of bread are the healthiest and the least caloric!

White bread is made from wheat flour from which the bran and germ have been removed. The only difference between brown and white bread is that brown bread has more fiber and minerals. Fiber rich foods, delay the onset of hunger because they take a longer time to be digested. Therefore by eating brown bread one could simply feel fuller for a longer period of time and benefit from the virtues of fiber at the same expense of calories in white bread!

For the same amount of bread, Arabic bread (Pita bread) and wraps are more satiating when compared to french baguette or french bread. Pain de mie is another healthy option when eaten in moderation!

Dietitian Nicole Maftoum

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