~*Snacking on a great source of Vitamin C & Fibers!

Did You know that Red and Yellow bell peppers contain around two times more vitamin C than Oranges and Citrus fruits ? Well, in case you didn’t know now you do do know!

One orange= 116% of daily Vitamin C value

1/2 cup of chopped red pepper= 158% of daily Vitamin C value

At times where you look for ingredients that have a high vitamin C content, consider adding red and yellow peppers to your salads and including them in your afternoon snacks!

IMG_2505In order to encourage the consumption of vegetables you could prepare this platter made of sliced yellow peppers, cherry tomatoes, carrots and celery sticks with a tablespoon of white beans mashed with a quarter teaspoon of pesto sauce and place it on the upper shelf of your fridge! Hence, whenever you or any other member of the family opens the fridge, the reminder of consuming those fresh and colorful vegetables would be there!

IMG_4934Dietitian Nicole Maftoum



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