~*Cooking with La MaMa!

I grew up in a house where the passion for cooking wasn’t just inherited from my parents but was highly contagious as I started helping my mother at the kitchen and cooking with her at the age of 12 Years!

I would observe and absorb every single cooking technique she’d use that I would apply later on when she leaves the house to surprise her when she comes back…

From my childhood memories, I can recall tons of recipes, endless moments of pleasure while cooking a great dish and sharing it with my family and friends and most importantly is the ability of being able to live these moments again and again whenever my involuntary memory is triggered by the smell of a cake baking with love in the oven or the sound of a warm dish boiling on a cold windy day…

While a picture speaks a thousand words, this short movie summarizes chapters of my life with the person who taught me the true values; of life and cooking…

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