~*Planning a Healthylicious Suhoor!

“Eat Suhoor, indeed there is a blessing in Suhoor…”

Suhoor is as important as Breakfast; it stimulates the digestion, keeps sugar levels stable, delays the onset of hunger, prevents the body from going into extreme starvation mode (where it begins to store fat as a survival mechanism) and decreases the chances of developing fat mass around the waistline…

Planning and preparing a healthylicious suhoor isn’t an impossible task! One should be aware of including:

-Low Glycemic Index types of carbohydrates (whole grains, whole wheat, etc.) that will digested slowly and won’t cause a sudden raise of the sugar levels in the bloodstream…

-A source of proteins that will keep the metabolic rate high and prevents loss of muscles during this holy month

-Good fats (unsaturated ones) that are always heart healthy

-Water found in vegetables and liquids that are caffeine free; drinking at least 3 glasses of water at suhoor will hinder bad breath, headaches and aids the body to detoxify properly…

And avoiding:

-Salt in all its forms found in: pickles, canned items, cold cuts, processed cheeses etc. that will eventually trigger thirst throughout the day

-Excess sugar that is known to trigger hunger!

For more details you can watch my detailed episode about healthylicous Suhoor that was broadcast live yesterday on OTV!

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