~*The HamburgEr!

For some holding it,  is considered a pure comfort… For others, sharing it, is a synonym for an intense pleasurable experience…It may not be the healthiest option but will always be the most alluring… It is a great unifier across cultures and one of the most consumed food items around the world…


The hamburger ! 

The word hamburger derives from Hamburg (the second largest city in Germany). Hamburger means in reality someone/something from Hamburg.During the 18th-19th century, immigrants to the United States from German speaking countries brought with them some of their favorite foods: Hamburg steak (which consisted of shredded low grade beef with regional spices). In order to attract German sailors, eating stands along the New York city harbor served steak cooked Hamburg style that was named later on during the 19th century and with the invention of the meat chopper, Hamburger!

Today, hamburgers can be found in every single country around the world.They might even be on the menu for Russian cosmonauts! I always enjoy searching for the best burger in every town I travel to, even though I am a dietitian and a flexitarian (a flexible vegetarian that occasionally eats meat), i use some tricks on the burger platter before indulging without feeling guilty!

In my hometown (Lebanon) whenever I occasionally crave for a burger a unique place comes to my mind… It provides me with the same great experience every time…


You can’t fail to notice it in different locations across the country, because it’s all Yellow..


Classic Burger Joint sizzled its way to Lebanon after the long, flaming pursuit of the perfect burger. Driven by gusto, the Lebanese founders of Classic Burger Joint (equipped with over 25 years of experience) travelled the world tasting famous burgers that had the power to captivate taste buds. Seeing what worked and what didn’t, they ate their way to burger enlightenment. Five years later and with over two million burgers grilled, Classic Burger Joint is now open in Kuwait, Limassol and Dubai.

It uses prime quality, grain-fed angus beef patties charcoal-grilled and prepared exclusively for each order. This unique level of freshness and personal touch ensures that each bite at Classic Burger Joint leaves a mouth-watering impression. The menu offers a wide variety of delicious burgers such as the Classic Cheese, Τhe Mexican and the Grilled Chicken; all served in daily baked soft buns and with local, homemade, fresh skin-on fries, cooked with 100% non-allergenic natural peanut oil, and a fresh side salad.


Although, a burger platter could be dietitians and doctor’s worst enemy.One could enjoy eating a natural hamburger, using the right tricks!

Did you know that eating an apple 15 minutes before enjoying a burger meal will help you save 190 calories ?

Classic Burger Joint offers you apples throughout the entire day and encourages you to enjoy your meal healthily and happily!


Always start with the green salad. Salads are rich in water and fiber and will make you feel half full.

Remove the upper bun

Procrastinate the fries consumption

Count 10 to 15 fries and eat them!


If you Skip the Cheese you may also save around 110 calories!

And in case you didn’t know, saving 100 calories everyday for a year, helps you save  4.5 Kg /year.


Classic Burger Joint offers you a light burger on the menu with less calories and a great taste as well as a protein burger (without the bun) if you wish to ditch the entire bun!

Research shows that you will eat 43% smaller portions if you eat at a table, sitting in a chair and eating from a plate using a fork and knife.


Take thirty minutes to finish each meal, since eating slowly can reduce your intake by 70 calories per meal, which translates into a saving of more than 200 calories per day!

Dietitian Nicole Maftoum

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