~*Best Cake design !


Obviously Happy as a clam to win the first prize of the best cake design competition held at the Salon du Chocolat Beirut (November 2015) and to spread the message of “Going back to the roots” and focusing on everything that’s natural rather than using colorings, sugar pastes and artificial Flavors !

I aimed to design a small house (made of whole grain crackers) around a large garden to highlight the importance of growing organic fruits and vegetables in one’s garden.My cake was made from natural ingredients (wholewheat flour, sugar, eggs, milk, baking powder, vanilla) coated with sweetened labneh (Taanayel Les Fermes) and decorated with  fresh fruits (cranberries), dried fruits (goji berries, papaya) vegetables (radish, cherry tomatoes, olives, wild thyme leaves) nuts (walnuts) and whole grain crackers!

I am lucky enough to be born in a house where growing fruits and vegetables in the garden and harvesting them is part of our daily life and is more specifically one of  my life’s little pleasures… I truly wish new generations learn the importance and acquire the values of “Going back to the roots” before the double-edged sword of science and technology take them elsewhere …

Meanwhile, I hope that Mothers too, take that day off and say Happy Birthday to their beloved kids with a homemade natural cake that they would have proudly baked… This will serve as a great memory after years framed in pictures they will rejoice…


A Big Thank You to Taste and Flavors magazine’s team for giving me the opportunity to participate, spread my message and win a ticket to Paris with Air France!

Dietitian Nicole Maftoum

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