~*Quick and Easy… 


~*Today’s lunch consisted of soaking 150g of chicken breast cut into thick slices in a mixture of two egg whites then covering those slices with a mixture of oats and bread crumbs topped with Omega-3 sprinkle (sunflower seeds, linseeds, pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds) and baking them in the oven with a tablespoon of canola oil! 

Once cooked, I wrapped each one with half a slice of Fol Épi! A delicious French cheese that’s low in fat and that contains 53 Calories per slice! 

On the side I served a a cup of steamed green beans that are loaded with fiber and vitamins that have been mixed with a teaspoon of homemade pesto Sauce! 

A Healthylicious meal to try 👌
#eatlikenicole #healthyfoodshare #healthyliving #proteintreat #greenbeans #omega3 #homecooking #folepi #cheese #french

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