I participated last month in the launching event of the new Gap Fit Collection at Gap stores in Beirut Souks where I conducted a healthy workshop to increase invitees awareness about healthy eating and living.

Towards the end of the interactive workshop, I surprised everyone with a Childhood Gap Testimonial… The video below would speak louder than words I’d type here…


Don’t we all have a Gap hoodie in our closet that holds memories of many years of adventures ? Impulsive dances under the rain, foolish yet beautiful snow fights, high schools sports competitions and the taste of victory ..

GAP 288

When I go back in time and remember how i’d wait for a family member to travel to the States or Canada to get me Gap items, I get a smile on my face and realize how lucky nowadays generations are to have Gap stores in Lebanon… Not only would they get a hoodie for every season but enjoy the entire fascinating Sportswear collection that’s trendy, comfortable and surely long-lasting, just like other Gap items!

Always remember that chances of getting back on track and exercising properly are higher when you get yourself a new sportswear outfit! Don’t wait too long, Summer is around the corner and Gap stores are in town!

Dietitian Nicole Maftoum


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