~*Lakay means ‘home’ & ‘home’ is now my workspace!

“I am a Dietitian and food expert. I am passionate about cooking and rely solely on the use of natural ingredients.I surround myself with genuine people, live off real  friendships and relationships.I am obsessed with nature, Green is my favorite color and greeneries are my daily inspiration besides being my source of energy on many levels…”

This is how, a couple of months ago, I described myself to Nadine Sinno, co-founder of LakayCreation wood expert and magic maker in the design, manufacturing and installation of bespoke home and office furniture.

Little did I know about wood, its structures and composites before receiving a couple of weeks later, a distinctive and symbolic piece that portrays my traits and sums up my penchant…



The Tree of Food has been designed to embrace food products I believe in and would like to share with my patients.It also encompasses books i cherish causing something new to spring up in me every time i look at them or read them…

All LakayCreation work is created with the most environmentally friendly wood products and includes exclusive antibacterial accessories and equipment.


Lakay means home in Haitian. During the 19th century, Haitian architects were inspired by Parisian new architectural movement and adapted existing designs to fit their needs and the Caribbean living conditions. Houses were usually built out of wood and natural products. This specific work philosophy inspired the work concept of Lakay Creation which is to”Seek out inspiration and put your own spirit so that it becomes uniquely you”.

In collaboration with MA.SA.HA Design, this tree of food glowed in a greener space they created by using natural greens that had been dried and are everlasting, bringing dreams and magical vibes to my workspace where, every time i look around,  nothing seems to stop my imagination from crossing borders and entering each time, meditative and marvelous new zones…


MA.SA.HA Design is run and managed by two creative artists : Drs. Maroun Abou Kheir and Samah Dagher.They come from philosophical and psychological backgrounds with doctorates in psychoanalysis and philosophy. Their love for nature and passion for flowers design pushed them to pursue their dreams of learning more and study the art of flower decoration and design in Paris. Subsequently, they decided to come back to Lebanon and specifically, 11 years ago they embarked on a new journey with a mission of  “revamping every person’s dreams into flowers”.They combined the first letters of their names and addded to them “Ha” In order to start their company “Ma.Sa.Ha”.

It was a true pleasure meeting passionate artists and after several encounters, and prior to a proper assessment of my personality traits, they continued revamping my dreams into floral and natural depictions; the below piece of art is the latest addition to my clinic.It speaks louder than descriptive words i’d use here; wholewheat isn’t just healthier, it is the symbol of life, prosperity, nourishment and set forth other symbolisms i’ll let your imagination reckon..

Simple is beautiful.And everything that’s natural is more authentic and genuine.Nadine, our collaboration didn’t only bring a homey feeling to my workspace, it brought new connections to my life with people I mirror myself to as they all share  genuinely, the same values for their passions in their lives. On March 8th, we celebrated women’s day at the showroom,  located in Beirut Central District.
Lakay 174
And on May 11th, we celebrated LakayCreation’s official opening in a glamorous event,  discovering the upscale two-floor showroom.
I hope we celebrate many more events in the upcoming months and I wish LakayCreation brings to every office, home or establishment nature’s authentic homey feel that is being missed in the paradox of our age…
Dietitian Nicole Maftoum

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