~*Gelato World Tour lands in Lebanon!

 The Gelato World Tour’s trip around the world saw Lebanese gelato chefs compete on April 28th, 2017 at Abiad Group’s, exclusive dealer of Carpigiani of Lebanon.It gathered 11 participants who competed for the award of the best Gelato in Lebanon.

Carlos Afram from Fork & Sugar (Beirut) with the flavor “Vintage Vanilla”    

Bassem Koubaisy from Agha (Beirut) with the flavor “Pomegranate”    

Kamil Chamoun from Ice Bit (Zahle) with the flavor “My Joy”      

 Moustafa Al Zein from Sucara (Shmestar) with the flavor “Lemon with Mint”        

Ali Kain from Barbar (Beirut) with the flavor “California”      

Samir Sabbagh from Glasius (Nabateiye) with the flavor “Glasius Black”          

Samir Yazbik from Patisserie Dagher (Beirut) with the flavor “Avocado Too Special”                                                                                                                                    

Ali Ibrahim from Mövenpick Hotel Beirut with the flavor “Summer Breeze”          

Zahi Al Baba from Al Baba Sweets (Saida) with the flavor “Summer Mix”        

Nathalie Masaad from Caprices Du Palais (Keserwen) with the flavor “Ciocc’arancio”            

Antoine Kasouha from Galette Du Roi (Jabal) with the flavor “Biscottino”


It was a pleasure for me to take part of the Jury composed of Barbara Massaad, Lebanese

American cookbook author, Paula Nawfal, journalist from Annahar Newspaper;Hana Salem, food blogger and Anthony Rahayel, food blogger.
The Jury

We evaluated 11 flavors, tasting them and rating them, based on the flavor, structure and presentation, to choose the winner.


“Ciocc’arancio”, a 70% chocolate gelato with cognac and orange. of Nathalie Masaad from Caprices Du Palais (Keserwen)has been selected to represent LEBANON at the Grand Finale of Gelato World Tour being held in Rimini, Italy this upcoming September 8-10, 2017 that will be attended by 40 other countries from around the world.

A “Special Mention” has been proclaimed to “My Joy” of Kamil Chamoun from Ice Bit (Zahle) that prepared and presented a mascarpone gelato with red velvet sponge.

The Winners

Massaad, infused the orange all night and aromatized the gelato with cognac. The delightfully created flavors and well mastered texture were key to this victory.


To the most prestigious Gelato University in the world: Carpigiani Gelato University (www.gelatouniversity.com), Thank You for spreading the Gelato culture in our country.DSC_6085

To All the participants, hard luck and hope to visit you soon at your shops widespread across different regions in Lebanon to try new flavors.To Nathalie Massaad, the best of luck! We would love to see Lebanon ranking on top of the list at the Grand Finale of the Gelato World Tour! To all the readers, who wish to maintain their weight this summer and enjoy sweet and refreshing deserts, Gelato is always the healthiest choice when compared to Ice cream!

Italian gelato contains less fat than ice cream, has less incorporated air, and is served at a higher temperature. Consequently, gelato provides a greater flavor experience because there is less fat that coats the taste buds, more flavor per spoonful (due to a lower quantity of air), and the taste buds are more alive since the temperature is not so cold as to dull their sensitivity. Not to mention fewer calories to burn!”

Dietitian Nicole Maftoum

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