Live Fearless and discover the four phases of the menstrual cycle!

Did you know, your menstrual cycle has 4 PHASES?


Nana partnered with St Mary’s university in UK for 2 years and conducted a research to understand what’s going on in women’s bodies during their menstrual cycle, across various emotional and physiological levels. The findings revealed four phases every woman goes through each month.


In order to empower women and help each one live fearless and be at their best everyday, Nana partnered with Maya Abdallah and I  to show you how to be at your best in each phase of your cycle with the right nutrition & exercises.

Phase 1: PERIOD

DAY 1 – 5 Period phase is where are bleeding.
Your hormone levels are lower and you feel tired.


Phase 2: PEAK PHASE 

DAY 5 – 14 Peak phase is where your happy hormone serotonin is at its peak.
You’re alert, feeling good and you’re strong, you’re in top form!



DAY 14 – 23 Burn phase is where your body’s metabolic rate is high, and so is your immunity!
High hormones make you feel more empathetic with other people’s situations.



DAY 22 – 28The fight phase is where all your hormones are getting lower.
You could be feeling stressed out. Nearly 75-85% of women suffer from PMS-related symptoms.


For more details and information you can visit Nana Live Fearless blog:

Those videos were shot in Dubai in April 2018.

Dietitian Nicole Maftoum

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