Eat Like Nicole lands in Qatar


Adding my Healthylicious recipes to the menu of Sugar and Spice in Qatar was a fulfilling project that contributed to my happiness earlier this year and to Qatari’s well-being!


Creating those recipes and training Sugar and Spice kitchen team to implement them was a pleasurable experience, specially that it involved spreading nutrition hints and cooking tips and helping the team acquire healthier methods of cooking !


“The story of sugar and spice started with a hunt for a good carrot cake in Doha. After a long search Saleh Alayan- Sugar and Spice owner, figured it was time tobake it himself.
His passion for baking and the encouragement from family and friends led him to create a café that would be a home away from home for his customers that served homely deserts and tried and tested family recipes.” 


Sugar and Spice is widely known across Doha with three branches and a huge number of loyal clients.





The meatless burger suitable to vegetarians and whoever wishes to have a high-protein, rich in fiber guilt-free burger is my first addition to the menu.Consuming red meat frequently ain’t that healthy and one should reduce the intake (less than 500g per week) and opt for meatless days every week in order to reduce chances of developing cancer, cardiovascular diseases, saving the environment and protecting animal’s rights.


Another item added to the menu is my signature gluten-free pizza rich in fiber and much more satiating when compared to any other regular pizza. The toppings are turkey, cheese and veggies with a savory in-house tomato based pizza sauce made from scratch using the finest ingredients.


As a pescatarian, shrimps are one of my favorite items and adding them to the menu was a must! Marinated shrimps laid on a spread of hummus topped with a dollop of whole chickpeas, coriander, mango and cucumbers all wrapped in a thin whole wheat dough makes a delicious and healthy wrap!


Victoria goes thin! Victoria Cake lovers, trying this lighter version is a must ! Light and creamy loaded with good fats provided by almonds, walnuts and pistachios…


And finally, this light apple crumble is a must try ! When in Doha, do not miss out on trying those Healthylicious items at Sugar and Spice !

Dietitian Nicole Maftoum


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