Tuna Façon Tartare Tarator


#lowbudgetmeals #lessthan350calories
Canned tuna in water ain’t the best option and cannot be compared to fresh tuna however during this #lockdown many have asked for easy, healthy and delicious recipes and I prepared this one for them!


Try to limit your consumption of canned tuna to once per week max! Non processed foods are highly recommended to strengthen your immune system and fight #coronavirus #covid19


Tuna in water is better than tuna in oil as oil mixes with tuna’s oil that has omega-3 and while draining it, you’d lose omega-3.Plus, canned tuna in water has less calories and fat when compared to tuna in oil.

1 can of tuna in water drained
1 tbsp tahini
1/2 diced onions
1 tbsp sumac
5 diced olives
2 tbsp capers chopped

When You dice Olives You get a bigger volume and enjoy more of those flavors! Try to limit your daily intake of olives to 3 to 5.


Method of Preparation:


Flake the tuna, add the tahini and mix well.


Incorporate the diced onions, sumac, olives and capers. Mix well and serve with Rocket leaves or any available greens. You may add lemon juice or balsamic vinegar as per your preference.
Bon App’ x .

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