Upcycled beer steamed mussels Pasta


#Lockdown Day 15 • Let’s #reusereducerecycle #foodleftovers • I used the remaining base sauce of the Beer steamed Mussels (recipe in the previous posts) that was made of:
Pilsner beer + chopped onions + olive oil + black mustard seeds + chopped parsley to which I added a homemade tomato paste and half a cup of light cream.Boiled #penne #aldente mixed it with the scrumptious beer based creamy sauce and enjoyed eating one cup of #penneallabirra with 20 medium sized shrimps cooked in a pan with red wine vinegar, salt and black pepper!
You can enjoy Eating Pasta even if you are watching your waistline or just trying to maintain your weight.The trick here is to always restrict yourself to one cup of cooked pasta and add to it a source of Proteins, low in fat such as shrimps or a source of fibre loaded in water such as eggplants, spinach, zucchinis,etc. that will fill you up and increase your satiaty.

Bon App’xx . .

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