Seared Tuna with a Homemade Labneh Wasabi Ice Cream

Lockdown Day 20• Thought of the day and everyday: Thank God I’m Still alive, I have a Shelter and I can still cook and Eat • And Travel Everyday, through Music, Tastes and Flavors • Today’s Destination is #japan

How About Seared Tuna with seeds and a homemade wasabi Ice Cream ?

I live in Mountazah (Beit Mery) not in Lala land although I gotta admit that I live in my own bubble, to cut the story short: Tuna steaks are affordable in Lebanon and I get them delivered at my doorsteps from @dekerco_foods_sal
They are a great source of proteins, omega-3 and have a high satiety degree.
You need to defrost the steaks, remove them from the freezer 2 hours before cooking them.

Start by preparing the Ice Cream; I am lucky to have a vintage ice cream machine at home that my parents used and abused every summer and Is still operational.

I mixed the following ingredients before transferring them to the Ice cream machine:
500g labneh light @taanayellesfermes
200ml Cream @elleetvireleb
1/3 cup soy sauce light @kikkoman_europe
1/4 Cup Japanese herbs
I left the Wasabi till the end as some just hate its taste and i added a small quantity.If you are keen on wasabi you could add more.

For the steaks,I topped them with some Japanese special herbs mixture then I dipped them in my seeds mixture(sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, poppy seeds) You could use any available seeds you have at home. Then I pan seared them with a bit of soy sauce light to avoid sticking.
Using a sharp knife, i sliced them and served them.

This recipe is very easy, doesn’t require much time except for the ice cream (40 min) however if you don’t have an ice cream maker you could still mix Labneh with soy sauce and Japanese Herbs and the taste wil just blow your mind when paired with tuna steaks.

Last but not least, sunday’s meal ain’t complete without a beer! Today’s pick was a very special edition @elmirbrewery locally produced and delivered at my doorstep!It is a winter limited edition Medium dry Ale brewed with Carob Molasses.Unique and exceptional notes that make this edition my all time favorite!

Bon App’ x .

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