Upcycled Tuna Steak Salad

Lockdown Day 21 • #upcycled #food • Do You Think about reducing #foodwaste and using #foodleftovers ?
From Yesterday’s lunch leftovers Tuna Steak laid on a bed of #sucrines locally produced and #organic with colored tomatoes delivered at my doorstep by @my.daily.basket topped with #organic eggs and 30g of roquefort with a tablespoon of Olive Oil @olivareslb

A satiating salad #proteintreat #pescatarian

Contrarily to people’s belief, the organic agriculture isn’t a recent trend…

However, it is the product of the development of the biochemistry field before the second world war that gave birth to synthetic fertilizers that started being used in agriculture.

Interesting fact: Knowing that the main purpose of using fertilizers and pesticides is to increase the production rate; The Soviet Union used to provide Cuba with half the food importations as well as all the necessary fertilizers and pesticides for their agricultural productions. Within the fall of the Soviet Union, Cuba became independent, producing half the agricultural production … their daily caloric intake decreased from 2800 calories to 1800 calories due to the lack of resources for their food production and thus started with the idea of farming without using fertilizers and pesticides and thus induced organic agriculture!

Bon Appétit x

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