Açai Bowl

Lockdown Day 32 • Everyday I think as I wake up • Today I am fortunate to have Woken up • I am alive • I am going to use all my energies to develop myself• To expand my heart out to others• To benefit others as much as I can • As many have been asking for a Breakfast recipe loaded in Antioxidants• This one’s for You• Acai Berries have the Highest Antioxidant content amongst all fruits

• Boost your immunity when consumed frequently• You don’t need to get them from South America obviously #lockdown • @opaacaileb got them for You and can have them delivered at Your doorstep•

In their frozen form i blended them with a small sized banana • Sprinkled poppy seeds• Added a dollop of labneh light @taanayellesfermes with lemon zest• Topped it with 4 crushed postachios• 2 tbsp of oats • 2 tbsp of #organic strawberries @my.daily.basket roasted with sumac, vanilla, mint leaves and lemon juice•

A very #healthylicious #breakfast

Bon App’ xx .

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