Valrhona Raspberry Inspiration Crunch

How Do I cope with Stress ?

I spend more time in the kitchen, grab my whisk, find help in a bag of flour, some eggs, butter, chocolate and get to baking !

Baking has a calming influence on me and a positive effect on my emotions, specially if I’m making desserts for other people, this makes me feel naturally better in a doomed country 🇱🇧 where giving food is still considered an expression of Love!

Why don’t You all switch “Stress-eating” to “Stress-baking” and prepare this scrumptious recipe inspired by Chef Remi Montaigne @myvalrhona

I used Valrhona’s Raspberry Inspiration; the first range of fruit couvertures 😍 created with natural flavors and colors, a delicate balance of sweet and tangy ..

In a nutshell to die for !



230g butter
340g brown sugar
340g flour
70g egg whites
4g vanilla


205g Raspberry Inspiration
125g Milk
20g Honey

Method of Preparation:

1-Mix all the crunch ingredients and spread on two baking sheets and Refrigerate for at least 2 hours.

2-Cut out 12×2 cm rectangles of cookie crunch and bake on micro-perforated silicone mats in a pre-heated oven 150C for 15 minutes

3-Heat the milk with honey and pour over the melted couverture adding it in 3 to 4 times to make the perfect emulsion

4-Use a piping bag to make strips of ganache on the rectangles

5-Share and enjoy in Moderation!

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