About the Dietitian

I am a registered clinical Dietitian, passionate about food and life.
I am obsessed with cooking, sampling new ingredients, styling recipes and helping all those who are in a complicated relationship with food!
My curiosity and great sense of discovery have entailed me to merge different cuisines in a handful of balanced ideas and portions and pushed me to show everyone that healthy food can also be tasty and exquisite…

I have noticed throughout my work in the field of Nutrition and Dietetics that most of the people who can’t lose weight don’t do it, not only because they don’t have the will or time to go on a diet but also because they lack crucial information and educational hints and tips about the healthy methods of eating.The percentage of  breakfast-skippers and  snacks non-believers is very high in Lebanon and I came to this estimation by calculating the percentage of patients that I helped in my clinic and assisted through my live TV episodes by successfully modifying their lifestyles; including the 5 meals concept in their everyday life in addition to other healthy methods of eating !

I have to admit that it’s not an easy task to track down everyday and take in pictures what I am eating, whether I’m home cooking, styling my dish or at a restaurant enjoying a buoyant atmosphere , but for the sake of helping all those who are in a complicated relationship with food and correcting all the common misconceptions about dieting that people have, I was eager to start this blog!

La joie de vivre as well as the passion for eating in moderation are the key components of a successful life.I strongly believe that they are contagious and thus decided to share them all with You in this privileged blog where you can discover and learn from my daily food intake and adopt a healthier lifestyle full of sparkling positive vibes.

I am a regular contributor to L’Orient le Jour newspaper, Mondanite magazine, Fit’N’Style magazine, SPECIAL magazine and Cedar Wings magazine.A few samples of my work can be seen here in French and English: http://nicolemaftoum.wordpress.com

I prepare and present live episodes about Nutrition hints&Cooking tips every Thursday at 9h05 am on OTV (a Lebanese local TV station).A few samples of my episodes can be seen here in Arabic: http://www.youtube.com/nicolemaftoum

I prepare and present live radio episodes  about Nutrition hints&Cooking tips every Monday at 9h10 am on LIGHT FM 92.5FM (a Lebanese local radio station)with Tanguy Faucon (a la Bonne Humeur).A few samples of my episodes can be seen heard here http://www.radiolightfm.com/labonnehumeur/eatlikenicole/

I am available in my clinic “HEALTHYLICIOUS“, everyday to help patients lose weight, gain weight or simply adjust and modify their eating patterns. 

I have worked with many food companies, pharmaceutical companies, restaurants and corporates to develop better educational tools (recipes, seminars,etc.) in a healthier format! If you wish to work with me kindly contact me: nicolemaftoum@healthylicious.me

You can check my Facebook Page: EAT LIKE NICOLE


And my Instagram account: Eat Like Nicole 


Enjoy Eating Like me!

Dietitian Nicole Maftoum

All material is copyrighted, EAT LIKE A DIETITIAN, Nicole Maftoum.

Disclaimer: This website is not intended to treat, diagnose, or cure any disease. It is meant to educate and inspire you to modify your lifestyle while enjoying food in moderation.If you are experiencing a medical condition or emergency, please contact your local health care professional.

24 thoughts on “About the Dietitian

  1. I have been a regular at Nicole’s TV show and I always get very beneficial things from it (Brain foods, etc.)…

    This blog is just fantastic, and makes me wanna start eating healthy again!

    Thanks Nicole for all the effort!

  2. Awesome Job as always Nicole! keep up the good work, keeping all the girls following your diets, fit!!!! lol

  3. Amazing Blog!! La premiere dietiticienne a joindre le healthy a l’agreable
    Keep up with those NUCCILICIOUS ideas

  4. Amazing website nuccii!!! the simplest dish becomes sooo yummi with ur creative recipes, recommendations and displays!!
    Great job nuccii!!! 🙂 i dunno what’s next with you!! but i’m sure more and more to come!!
    Keep on impressing us!! xx

  5. This Girl is just a “Phénomène”
    … because of what she does
    … because of the energy and the enthusiasm that she has
    her passion for her work and towards other people !
    She is someone that people listen to and follow, not to mention the whole trend that she started from TV, Facebook, Internet…

    Nucc Good Bless you ! Keep it up

  6. I think i have found the perfect solution for my sister’s complicated relationship with food. Thank you Nicole and she will be contacting you very soon. Good luck!

  7. You are truly an inspiration to all women in Lebanon! Your blogs are interesting & entertaining! Thank you!

  8. Are you planning to have a section for drinks too? “Drink like Nicole”, to include smoothies, cocktails, juices, etc..
    Good luck 🙂

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